Refurbished – Environmentally Friendly Ways To Refurbish Your Kitchen

Most of us would like to just rip out our old kitchen and update it to the look we want. Well this may sound cool at first glance, but once one considers the costs, hassle, and environmental impact involved with ripping out an old kitchen and doing a complete remodel, consider the following insights. Let’s do our part to make our home comfortable without adding more waste to our Raleigh area landfills.

To dispel the monotony of your daily work in the kitchen, it is best to refurbish it. To start refurbishing your kitchen, you must first judge if the kitchen needs a dash of paint or just simple cleaning. Kitchen remodeling can be a very expensive activity requiring new cabinets, appliances, and other kitchen items. It is economical to refurbish the existing cabinets, countertops, and flooring.

To brighten up the kitchen, you can refurbish the kitchen cabinet by painting them with a color that suits your taste and the style of the room. You can even create complimentary colors or textures on opposite surfaces of the cabinet. This helps to give the cabinet a fashionable new look. If your cabinet is placed in a dark area of the kitchen, select soft colors. If the kitchen cabinet door has worn out, select a light wood cabinet made from ash, beech, birch, oak, maple, and chestnut. For placing a cabinet in a dark kitchen, select a wood that has a little color to it. Another economically and environmentally friendly option is to refinish your existing countertops and cabinets. There are many Raleigh and Wake Forest cabinet refinishing experts that can provide you with a plan, estimates, and results that may surprise you.

Stepping into a new house may evoke your desire to renovate the old kitchen. But a closer look may reveal certain positive aspects in it that needs just a touch of color. Often your countertops are in a good condition, but look out dated and old. A simple touch of color can give it a whole new look! You can even place colorful tiles over the countertops.

Proper lighting and techniques are essential when you are refurbishing your kitchen. Kitchen is a place where the family meets together after a hectic day to have meal and gossip. It is the nerve centre of the house where you carry out various activities apart from cooking like, paying bills, doing homework, working on hobbies, and gathering together for a cup of coffee. Proper lighting can add a warm, comfortable atmosphere to your kitchen. Providing one or two track lights over the sink will help you in washing the dishes properly, at the same time it brightens up the room. Use decorative lighting in breakfast area and island counters. To highlight the countertops, you can opt for under cabinet task lighting. Consider using energy efficient bulbs in your new lighting scheme. Discounts are offered by Duke Progress Energy.

Refurbishing is economical and not at all time consuming. Kitchen refurbishing gives you personal satisfaction, since it is something that can be done by the family members. It is the best way to give your kitchen an attractive look without having to replace the old furniture and buy new ones. Is it environmentally friendly and helps keep the Triangle area green!

Global Warming and Building Green

Building green is one of the solutions to global warming that many people do not think about. Building green is designing and constructing buildings with the environment in mind. It is these practices that can have an impact on stopping global warming by focusing locally. Charlotte and the surrounding areas have made great strides in this arena and our setting the example for our state.

Houses give off a high percentage of a country’s total carbon dioxide emissions. In the United States, the figure is about 38%. Since carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases, houses contribute strongly to global warming.

One way to cut the greenhouse emissions of houses, and therefore help stop global warming, is to minimize the energy use needed to sustain comfortable living in a house. There are several ways to do this.

One way is to be careful about what building materials are used. Some building materials can be from quickly renewable sources. These include bamboo and straw. Also, building materials can be used that originates near the building site. This cuts down on transportation, and so cuts down on emissions of greenhouse gases and global warming. One example is stone houses built with local stone.

Buildings are also often built using recycled materials. Wood can be used from an older home that has been torn down. This will prevent the need to cut down other trees. Since the deforestation of the land contributes to global warming, this will help the situation. Other solutions involved reusing materials and products. In Charlotte, shipping containers have been used to build storage areas and even homes. These products are readily available and can be easily converted into usable structures.

Heating and cooling have a big effect on the amount of global warming caused by a house. Some ways to help this are very simple. One is to design the house to sit on the lot so that sunlight will come in through the windows and warm the house. It can also be oriented so that breezes will blow through the windows more naturally for cooling.

In this way, passive solar energy can be used to heat and cool the house. Let’s face it, it is often hot and sunny in Charlotte. Utilizing solar power will cut down on the greenhouse emissions from a house. Global warming will be lessened. Insulation is important to maximize on the cool or heat that is in the house. With good insulation, you will need a less intense heat or cooling source.

The main heating and cooling source in most green houses will be solar panels, wind power, or hydropower. Any of these sources will power a house with minimal effects on global warming. At the same time, these sources of energy will sustain a household in a comfortable style.

There are several organizations in the US that aid in the cause of stopping global warming by encouraging green building. One non-profit organization makes it their business to foster green building methods in both houses and commercial buildings. This group of people from the building industry is a part of the Green Building Initiative.

Green building is important for a number of reasons. One just happens to be that it can reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. If green building can help stop global warming, perhaps it is time for everyone to build green. Help Charlotte continue to be a leader in the green building movement by choosing wisely when considering your next building project.